A film about early childhood featuring a Waldorf setting and interviews with medical doctor Adam Blanning and veteran public school teacher Joy Winchell.

This trailer is 4 minutes, the film itself is 43 minutes



Live Screening and general news regarding the film “TIME TO PLAY”

This fall Kim will be doing screenings and presentations in Ontario, Germany, Switzerland and London.

In the Spring of 2019 Kim will be travelling to China.


Early Years Summit

At the end of October the online summit "Early Years Summit" will feature an interview with Kim. Click the link to view Early Years Summit

September 5th, 2018|

“I want to thank you very much for your film and your presence last night.
It was like seeing it again for the first time for me – as several years have past. I got so much out of it, of hearing Adam speak and from your stories afterwards.”

S Wilson, Victoria, Canada

“I enjoyed the movie so much–didn’t even get drowsy. You really had the audience eating out of your hand during questions.”

Larry Glatt, Pedagogical Administrator, Calgary Waldorf School

“watched it twice so far. it’s wonderful.
the word that kept coming to my mind, though you don’t say it – or maybe
you do and i missed it – is “sacred.”
what you’re really trying to say is that play is a sacred time.
that’s what i came away with. that’s what i *felt*.

children, if allowed to be children, can manifest the development of the
sacred within themselves.”

Dr. JJ Hadlock Santa Cruz CA

“We wanted to tell you that your film was great. Really great. Both the content and the production. I was probably sufficiently negligent in bringing up our kids so they likely had lots of free, vaguely supervised playtime. Now, the kids kids are a whole other matter…..Bill and I were both blown away by your hidden talents. The film making, the teaching and the singing were all great. Thank you.”

B & M Hendesron, grandparents

Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter worked in music/theatre for ten years before becoming a Waldorf early childhood teacher. She taught at the Vancouver Waldorf School for three years and then moved to Salt Spring Island in 1999 and founded A Child’s Garden, an in home mixed-age class. In 2014 Kim released her film, Time to Play, made with the intent to address concerns she has about the ways in which our culture is meeting children in modern times, with the lofty goal of creating cultural change in this realm. In May of 2016 Kim received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education and she has spent the last two years on-tour presenting her film and giving talks in colleges, universities, conferences, film festivals and to groups of parents/grandparents and caregivers.

Kim Hunter receives the Certificate of Excellence from Justin Trudeau.

CONTACT: Kim Hunter
CONTACT: Kim HunterDirector/Producer
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